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2D Artist

Location: Vietnam
Employment Type: Fulltime Contract

Job Description

Provide 2D assets for game usage

Supply 2D assets (characters, environment, artwork, etc.) for game development and marketing, adhering to the specified art style by the Art Director.

Export 2D assets according to standards and optimize assets.

Execute assigned tasks

Perform various assigned tasks related to projects by the Leader and Art Director.

Willingly share knowledge and support training for other team members.

Take responsibility for project quality management and progress.

Collaborate closely with the team to successfully complete projects

Contribute effectively to the workflow, propose improvements to expedite and enhance project efficiency.

Engage, interact, and coordinate closely with Lead 2D Artist, Art Director, Team 2D, and 3D to achieve the best project outcomes.

Participate in meetings, discussions, propose ideas for projects, and evaluate products.

Receive feedback from the Leader and Art Director.



Character design and concept knowledge in gaming

Proficient in exporting 2D assets

Environment design and concept knowledge in gaming

Proficient in using design software like Photoshop and Illustrator


Strong aesthetic knowledge, color theory, and layout skills

Able to work with various art styles


Strong communication skills

Proficient research skills

Effective teamwork skills

Quick learning and adaptability to new knowledge

Other requirements

Knowledge and experience in Spine 2D animation is a significant advantage

Sociable and lively

Eager to learn, passionate about games

Knowledge and experience in Unity is a major advantage



2+ year of experience

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