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Game Designer (Junior)

Location: Vietnam
Employment Type: Fulltime Contract

Job Description

Designing and balancing game metrics:

Create clear project documents for Developers and Artists.

Communicate with developers for system balance and level design tools.

Ensure balanced in-game metrics for the best user experience.

Design monetization flows.

Achieve benchmark retention for the game genre.

Ensure optimal gameplay and consistent content.

Analyzing and improving metrics:

Continuously monitor user data for drop rates and monetization.

Provide development directions to meet targets.

Improve drop-rate, playtime, LTV, and ROAS metrics.

Analyzing competitor games



Understanding of the mobile gaming market, quick trend identification

Understanding of probability and statistics

Knowledge of product analysis and evaluation

Familiarity with Unity (C#) is an advantage


Strong communication skills

Proficient research, processing, and synthesizing information

Quick learning and adaptability to new knowledge

Other requirements


Open-minded to accept others' opinions

Eager to learn, passionate about gaming and game development


1.5+ years of experience in the field of game design

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