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Junior Developer

Location: Vietnam
Employment Type: Fulltime Contract

Job Description

Support game development project:
Prioritize and successfully complete assigned tasks.

Communicate effectively with Game Designers to ensure they have the necessary tools to balance game parameters.

Communicate effectively with Artists to ensure receiving optimized assets according to project rules

Polish the game and optimize it for smooth performance.

Brainstorm and provide ideas to enhance the overall game experience.

Take responsibility for learning from Senior Developers about optimizing FPS and memory for assigned projects.

Take responsibility for self-improvement to progress towards a Senior Developer position.



Proficient in Unity (C#)

Familiarity with Design Patterns and SOLID principles is a plus

Knowledge of Shader is a plus

Knowledge of nodejs, python, nim... is a plus


Strong communication skills

Excellent problem-solving skills

Research skills

Ability to learn and adapt to new knowledge

Other requirements

Friendly and cooperative attitude

Enthusiasm for learning and passion for game programming

Open-mindedness to accept others' opinions


Minimum 1+ year of experience in game development

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