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Monetization Specialist

Location: Vietnam
Employment Type: Fulltime Contract

Job Description

Responsible for advertising revenue growth and in-game ads monetization

Monitor ARPDAU of key games and constantly evaluate, anticipate and identify problems and troubleshoot issues

Manage and optimize Ad Revenue, eCPM, Impressions, and Fill rates among live Ad network partners


Analyze the market and keep informed of best practices, implement them and improve


Propose improvements and new ways for the Product teams how to integrate ad formats better in our games



Knowledge and/or experience of the mobile game industry: especially in Performance Marketing techniques in Game Industry.

 Good understanding of the free-to-play and mobile advertising industry as well as interest in the underlying business challenges.

Experience or understanding of design/game economy.

Education in Marketing, Business, Game Industry, or a related field is a plus.


Fluent in English for business communication in both written and verbal forms.

Familiar with analyzing key metrics like Impressions, fill rates, eCPM.

Proven analytical skills with a rigorous mindset.


Strong business acumen

Be a team player who is dedicated to providing a consistently high level of service to all stakeholders.

Thirst for knowledge in everything digital, especially in digital advertising & publishing

Be able to work dynamically with a variety of internal business and advertising partners.

Passionate about the game industry, especially mobile games.


High attention to details in revenue check, waterfall, and A/B test set up.

Professional in communication with our internal product teams and our international partners.

Discipline in business management and execution, especially with high awareness of market fluctuation.

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